The COVID-19 pandemic keeps us guessing, from lockdown reprises and masking policy changes to updated vaccination protocols and new virus variants. It’s difficult to fight an enemy that measures an infinitesimal 120 nanometers across (whereas a human hair measures a gargantuan 75,000 nanometers). It’s even more complicated to defend against a tiny threat that morphs constantly, forcing us to continually upgrade protections. 

This pathogen’s changeable nature meets its match at Paul Davis. “Here’s what we recommend to our commercial customers: clean and apply disinfectants to all hard surfaces, especially high-touch and common areas, when COVID-19 contamination conditions are unknown,” says Leslie Anderson, Paul Davis Vice President of Training. “We continue to tailor those cleaning and disinfection activities as we confront new hazards from this deadly virus.”

To ensure that cleaning procedures meet guidelines for safety and efficacy, Paul Davis diligently monitors updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Additionally, the company tracks and implements guidance from local and state health agencies and uses government-approved products designated under the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s emerging viral pathogen policy. Further, the TouchLessService™ program, which codifies all customer interactions to minimize interpersonal contact, is now standard protocol. Among its many facets, this program decreases typical touchpoints between customers and team members through methods like electronic signature and document handling technologies. 

With these best practises included in foundational procedures across the company, Paul Davis then offers its exceptional COVID-19 cleaning solutions to commercial customer properties: 

  1. Team members perform a site inspection
  2. Team members tailor an individual COVID-19 cleaning plan for each site, utilizing approved chemicals that are active against COVID-19 and most common viruses. Application methods may include
    1. ULV fogging: a pre-emptive cleaning approach that provides coverage for walls, floors, and other horizontal surfaces.
    2. Fogging with horizontal surface wiping: this step provides additional coverage for high touch areas like desks, computers, door and desk handles, and telephone handsets.
    3. Fogging with full wiping: when a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been found, team members perform an in-depth full cleaning and disinfectant application.
  3. Trained and biohazard technicians, who are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, execute the plan according to customer needs and preferences for daily, weekly or monthly services. 

To learn more about COVID cleaning services and TouchLessService, call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for more information.