Tornado Season Requires Renewed Safety Principles

This year may smash records for tornadoes. Twister reports are rapidly approaching the number that tore through North America in the blockbuster year of 2011. These violent displays of nature’s destructive powers - often associated with supercell thunderstorms - thrive on warmth, temperature differences and moisture. But science still hasn’t… Read more »

Proper Use of an Automated External Defibrillator

They occur suddenly. They are the leading cause of hospitalization and the second leading cause of death in Canada. They also attack all racial and ethnic groups with equal prejudice. So, who are these killers? Heart attacks. At home, at work or play, at religious gatherings, in stores and on-the-road,… Read more »

Set Your AC Right to Avoid Mould in Summer Months

Classic snowbirds, the Andersons summer in northern climes and winter in the balmy south. But they spent this past winter rehabbing their sunny abode instead of relaxing and recharging. “Mould grew – on walls, furniture, even inside cabinets - while they were in Canada for the summer,” explains Peter Heary,… Read more »