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Paul Davis Restores Big Box Outlets After Tornado Damage

The most violent storms on earth, tornadoes inflict damage that seems entirely random. An intact house stands unscathed amid the destruction of an entire neighborhood. An open soda weathers the tempest without losing a drop – though the can has been whisked into the front yard. Clothing inside a[...]

Fire Prevention Week Commemorates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Nobody knows if Mrs. O’Leary’s cow really kicked over the lantern but the Great Chicago Fire certainly ignited in the O’Leary barn. We may never know the true spark that ignited the city October 8, 1871, but whatever the source, that raging inferno stands out for its destructive power. The[...]

Soda Blasting: A Great Solution for Smoke and Ash Damage After A Fire

Stripping paint, removing graffiti, scrubbing industrial equipment, degreasing commercial kitchen vents – soda blasting is a versatile technology that’s eco-friendly and safe. New uses appear daily for this very effective and economical baking soda-based cleaning process: even dentists are[...]

Is Mould Causing These Health Problems?

When we experience coughing, congestion and throat irritation during a humid summer and fall, can we blame the symptoms on mould? It’s a question everyone asks at this time of year and even a casual search of the internet reveals qualified experts who disagree significantly. The bottom line:[...]

Paul Davis Gives Back to Local Communities

With locations across North America, Paul Davis is honored to help local communities not only by responding to disasters but also by pitching in to support local causes with corporate backing, people, expertise, time and funds. Here are just a few of the many charitable initiatives Paul Davis[...]

Technology for Productive Partnership: Claims Management and Managed Repair Programs

Imagine that someone told you 20 years ago, “soon, you will run your life from a handheld, wireless, portable device. You will connect, create, organize and plan with it, advancing and speeding nearly every important activity you do. You will wonder how you managed without this magical device.”[...]

Top Expertise for Productive Partnership: Insurance Industry Veterans at Paul Davis

Adjusters, carriers and claim forms didn’t exist eons ago but insurance was alive and well. China launched the insurance business in 3000 B.C. to protect merchandise shipped by boat. Traders, weary of losing whole shiploads to the sea during unpredictable storms, banded together to distribute each[...]

Breaking News on Water Damage: Indoor Plumbing Causes 45 Percent of Claims

There’s not a cloud in the sky and the weather is gorgeous, yet here you are: filing a water damage claim with your insurance carrier because of a flood in your bathroom. Maybe it’s cold comfort, but you’re got lots of company: nearly half of all water damage claims stem from indoor plumbing[...]