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Paul Davis Values

To download a pdf version of the Paul Davis Values, click here.

Evaluating Water Damage

Water leaks and more significant water damage are an all too frequent occurrence in our daily lives. Faulty and leaking refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, and pipes, as well as sink and tub overflows are the most common problems. Fortunately they are also the easiest to remedy, since[...]

Apply Some Magic

Belongings and furnishings may be wet and soggy or dirty and scorched after a fire or other disaster, but that doesn’t always mean they’re destroyed. Home and business owners who experience fire and water damage often assume that clothing and furniture, electronics and important documents are a[...]

Some Very Good News: Home Fire Safety is Working!

Home fire safety is working in Canada and dramatically reducing fire deaths. During the past ten years, deaths from residential fires have decreased about 40%. Still, more than 300 people lose their life to fire annually, so the job is never finished. The following actions will help everyone avoid[...]

The Simple Act of Giving Thanks

The year was 1966 and a young man of 38 by the name of Paul Davis launched Paul Davis Restoration in Jacksonville, Florida. Back then Paul regularly took time to personally express thanks to those who helped him: early employees, partners, customers, and more. Every year — and especially in[...]