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4 Common Mould Myths, Dispelled

Much of what we know about mould comes directly from the Internet. Sometimes, separating fact from myth can be difficult. For health and safety reasons, it’s crucial for you and your family to know the difference. Toxigenic moulds, like Stachybotrys chartarum, have been known to cause neurologic,[...]

Annual Mould Inspections Might Be Smart

Mould can cause big problems for your home or business. And with the unusually wet year we’ve had, mould has been given ample opportunities to grow. It’s not always easy to spot, though. That’s because mould not only grows in obvious places—like on your shower curtain—but it can also[...]

Old Man Winter Has Arrived

…And it appears that the 2018 winter months are going to feature colder and wetter-than-average conditions in many parts of the northern tier U.S. and eastern Canada. A key indicator is that weak La Niña conditions have already officially developed, and the forecast is for a 65 to 75 percent[...]

Storm Winds and Flood. These Severe Weather Catastrophes Take Skill and Manpower

Severe weather can upend lives as it devastates homes and businesses. If you experience storm damage, Paul Davis is the preferred storm damage restoration company throughout Canada, no matter what the storm damage scenario. The Paul Davis Restoration of Canada companies bring immediate assistance[...]

Hoarding Cleanup Requires Compassion, Too

One of the most frustrating times of your life might just be the day you’re faced with helping a hoarder clean house. If you do find yourself dealing with a true hoarder, we think you’ll find these tips from hoarding experts to be especially helpful as you start to tackle the job. Hoarding[...]