Month: August 2019

Paul Davis Works Overtime on Social Responsibility

With locations across North America, Paul Davis is honoured to help local communities not only by responding to disasters but also with charitable efforts: people, expertise, time and funds. Here are just a few of the many causes Paul Davis employees supported recently:  Providing Community Fire Education: Paul Davis local… Read more »

Farming Family Praises Paul Davis Barn and Home Restoration

The Paul Davis mission – providing full-service residential and commercial restoration for disasters of all sizes across North America – requires many parts moving in synchrony: standard operating procedures, technology, team members, customers, partner organizations, materials, equipment and communication.  We’re proud to receive unsolicited testimonials like the one below that… Read more »

Paul Davis Restores Big Box Outlets After Tornado Damage

The most violent storms on earth, tornadoes inflict damage that seems entirely random. An intact house stands unscathed amid the destruction of an entire neighborhood. An open soda weathers the tempest without losing a drop – though the can has been whisked into the front yard. Clothing inside a retail… Read more »

Soda Blasting: A Great Solution for Smoke and Ash Damage After A Fire

Stripping paint, removing graffiti, scrubbing industrial equipment, degreasing commercial kitchen vents – soda blasting is a versatile technology that’s eco-friendly and safe. New uses appear daily for this very effective and economical baking soda-based cleaning process: even dentists are adopting it to painlessly blitz plaque and tartar off teeth. Bonus:… Read more »