Preventing Chemical Spills in Your Workplace

“On a recent project for an excavating company, we restored a warehouse heavily damaged by a gasoline explosion,” says Brent Thompson, President of Paul Davis of the Golden Triangle, Mississippi. “An employee was working after hours on the gas tank of a truck and a spark ignited this very[...]

Try the Quiz: Should You Consider a Standby Generator?

When the power remained out after a ferocious storm, Brianne finally realized she took uninterrupted electricity far too much for granted. After three powerless days, she still flipped light switches and was startled when rooms remained dark. The hot water had cooled. The freezer had warmed. Most[...]

Paul Davis Conducts ‘Summer of Service’ for Our Local Communities

Paul Davis team members are wrapping up a socially active summer season! It’s been a very busy couple of months volunteering time, enthusiasm and skills in their communities to support those who need an extra helping hand. Below – and over the next several newsletter issues – you’ll see[...]

The Challenges of Unexpected Lease Terminations for Commercial Buildings

As the pandemic, supply issues, labour shortages and a volatile economy continue to challenge commercial concerns across North America, business failures remain distressingly common. Unexpected closures cause a host of serious difficulties for commercial landlords including property abandonment,[...]

Being a Paul Davis Difference Maker Becomes a Lifestyle for this Project Manager

Paul Davis Difference Maker James Ouellet is a reconstruction project manager for Paul Davis of Boston South, Massachusetts. With the company for three years now, Ouellet joined after spending decades in the general contracting industry, where he was following the traditional pursuits of two family[...]