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Paul Davis Supports Worthy Causes Throughout North America

As Paul Davis helps people and communities recover from disasters large and small, we also take time to support worthy causes across North America by volunteering our people, expertise and funding. Here are a few of the charitable endeavors we’ve joined recently:  Holiday Cheer for the Less[...]

Insurance Policy Owners Need to Understand Their Mitigation Responsibilities

Reading an insurance policy can be tough going without a broker to translate. It’s a dense document packed with legalese and terminology that’s challenging for non-insurance professionals to decipher. One section deserves particular scrutiny anyway: the mitigation of damages clause. It’s a key[...]

A Look Back Explains Paul Davis Growth and Success

At Paul Davis, we encounter people during some of the worst times in their lives. Each of us has pledged to help every customer in any possible way recover from disasters and return to normal with hope, healing, certainty and a measure of control. As our website states, we aim “to deliver an[...]

Needs Grow for Post-Fire Smoke and Ash Cleaning

For each property owner who suffered losses in the 2019 fire season, many of their neighbours were luckier: flames passed close by but did not scorch possessions. Finding their structures still standing, these owners breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly realized that all wasn’t well. Flames[...]

Matterport 3D Technology Speeds Disaster Restoration and Reduces Expense

This year, 80 percent of all internet traffic worldwide will be in video form. Why is video so popular? Because sight delivers an astounding 83 percent of the input we perceive about experiences. When we see we understand better. No wonder Paul Davis is rapidly adopting innovative visual technology[...]