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Water Damaged Commercial Properties Gain Real Benefits From Advanced MICA Software

When a commercial property floods, the damage may be confined and easily mopped up. A supply line bursts in a hair salon at lunch hour, for example, spewing clean water for several minutes until an employee finds the valve and twists it shut. Few people were inconvenienced, the gushing was quickly[...]

Falling Trees Shatter Vancouver Island Homeowners’ Holiday Plans But Not Their Spirits

Last November in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Len and Sherry Readshaw were anticipating a quiet holiday season at their property in the Mountain View Mobile Home Park. Two enormous trees had more violent plans. Before dawn one morning, Ms. Readshaw heard a brushing sound on the roof that reminded[...]

Paul Davis Rescues Flooded ‘The Degree of Honor Building’ In St. Paul, Minnesota

One hundred and forty years ago, the wives, sisters, daughters and mothers of U.S. rail workers formed a women’s auxiliary organization to help create better lives for their families. Years later, the then thriving group, calling themselves the Degree of Honor, built its 10-story granite[...]

Paul Davis Provides Support for Local Communities

During the month of March, Paul Davis continues to lend people, funding, equipment, care and time to worthy causes all over North America. It’s a privilege for our employees to give freely of themselves to support the communities in which they live and work.  Here is a sampling of the events[...]

Identify Commercial Property Risks Today, Save Money Tomorrow

Risk is a tricky thing that we humans have trouble thinking rationally about. We overestimate some risks, hesitating to board an airplane yet blithely driving a far more dangerous car to the corner store. We ignore serious risks if we’re excited about fun yet dangerous activities (yes, cave diving[...]